TCR energy


Energy Department Consulting Services, Inc. is dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations by providing superior quality engineering, environmental, and management solutions to today’s challenges. The guiding principles of the CECS team are ethical, responsible, and unmatched personal service to our clients.

TCR energy is a technical design office based in MOROCCO, specializing in the production and elaborated service-rendering specifications, project management followed by execution for fluid projects and HVAC engineering systems (heating, boilers, etc.) for the residential and commercial sectors.

TCR energy provides Clients, architects, and operators as well as construction and public works companies, expertise in the technical design of energy installations, fluid networks, water, sanitation and the optimization of thermal performance of buildings.

Our team is managed by experienced professional energy engineers with experience in the field of fluid and thermal buildings. With a technical spirit and a real artistic sense, we put our skills at your service for the best quality work, meticulous workmanship, and attractive design. The quality of our services lies in our experience and know-how in the field of fluids (HVAC, sanitary plumbing, fire protection, and smoke evacuation), from Study and Development phase until the putting into service of complete installations and their infrastructure

1) Thermal studies

Thermal standards in conformance with : (RTCM /Morocco) and ( RT2012 – RT2020 / France)

  • Establishment of thermal studies on new buildings in order to have a certificate, taking into account the thermal standards of constructions in Morocco (RTCM).


  • Compliance check in conformance with RT2012 & RT2020 in France


  • Technical and practical assistance builders, architects and public works companies in order to have a building in standards





2) Conceptual design of fluid networks in the building

  • Air and hydraulic distribution networks for calories and frigories


  • Ventilation and ventilation networks in the residential and tertiary sector…


  • Hydraulic networks for fire protection and smoke extraction


  • Drinking water and plumbing supply networks


  • Wastewater, rainwater and sewage disposal networks


  • Circulation and water treatment system for swimming pools, ponds and wells


  • Watering system for green spaces and agricultural irrigation.

3)  ECS design & Build

Design and monitoring of air conditioning systems:

  • Centralized in Air and WATER: CTA, ROOF TOP, HEAT PUMP, DRV and VRV…
  • Technical and budgetary optimization
  • Design of cold rooms and boiler rooms
  • Synthesis of variants and technical and budgetary optimization.

Energy efficiency and renewable energies:

Solar thermal and photovoltaic

  • Conceptual design of autonomous (OFF GRIDE) photovoltaic solar systems and connected to the network (IN GRIDE)
  • Supporting project leaders to realize their solar energy needs
  • Design of photovoltaic pumping systems

Mandatory energy audit:

Establishment of a mandatory energy audit report in the tertiary and industrial sector in accordance with Decree No. 2.17.746 relating to Law No. 47-09